What our clients had to say

Jennifer is engaging, relatable and very professional. She has helped my colleagues and I with self-growth and nurturing our strengths. Personally, it was good to step back and self-reflect, especially working in a fast-paced executive role. Her sessions have been a great reminder of how important work-life balance is, and how you can achieve that.
– Director

Bringing Jenn into our team has been an incredible experience. Not only has it allowed us all to take a step back and focus on ourselves but has re-energized different team members, allowing them to find their purpose and align their personal and professional goals in a way that I as a leader wouldn’t have had the time to implement.
– Senior Partner

I am more productive and efficient. Others have noticed that I am happier and more balanced.
I am planning a lot better and have good work-life integration.
I have found the coaching sessions greatly advantageous.
– Director

Jennifer has the ability to meet my leadership team ‘where they’re at’.
Jennifer’s coaching sessions are personalised to achieve relevant goals with each individual, on a one-to-one basis. Coaching sessions are confidential and delivered to assist each person with their particular developmental areas.
This has added tremendous value to my team.
– Chief Executive Officer

My experience with Jenn has been incredibly positive.
She was able to help me tap into balance, confidence, and skills I didn’t realise I had. I found my superpowers and learned to use it to my advantage.
Jenn gives you great tools to discover yourself and grow a better you!
– Director

Phenomenal experience, from the start of our sessions, I felt comfortable and that was the most important aspect for me. Through Jenn’s guidance, I was able to find my “Why” and was able to discover why my “Why” is so important to me. This was a journey of self-discovery.
– Senior Audit Manager

Jenn has the ability to connect with people like I have never seen before, and she taught me more about myself in one hour than any amount of self-reflection could.
The ‘wins’ that I’ve noticed since starting with the Progressive Behavioural Engineering coaching programme is that I have clearer direction on how to manage my projects.
– Director

Jenn has been amazing. I look forward to and love our sessions together. She has given me all the tools and has guided me to improve both my personal and professional life. It has truly been life-changing and I have come out a much better person.
– Head of Audit

Jenn helped drive away the imposter syndrome I was grappling with. She showed me how to believe in myself again and realise what I wanted from my life and career. I have made some big and little changes since working with Jenn and everything has just been an improvement on my life.
– Senior Audit Manager

Jenn is a very enthusiastic individual and I love the way she explains all the tasks very clearly and certainly does have a good ear to listen. Coaching sets the tone for my week and before I do something, it’s like in an instant I can take a step back and see if it will serve me in achieving what I have set out for myself.
– Director

I love her spirit during our sessions, I’ve only felt excitement after our sessions.
It’s extra work that you have to put in, but it’s work that you put in for yourself!
I have found the coaching sessions greatly advantageous.
They have allowed me to refocus and implement change if I want to achieve specific objectives in my life.
– Senior Manager

The professional coaching sessions have been very helpful. It has helped me look at my work and personal life from a different perspective. Every time I finish a session, I reflect and get clarity on things I wasn’t sure of or unable to work through. It has helped me in my steps to achieve my goals, improve my performance and well-being. I am clearer about my priorities, the things I want and the things I want to change.
I’ve also been challenged to step out of my comfort zone.
– Director